Bradley International Airport Terminal

The Bradley Airport terminal building is located 53 meters above the sea level and covers approximately 984 hectares of land. It has three asphalt runways as 6/24 runway 2.899 meters long, 15/33 runway 2.087 meters long, and 1/19 runway 30 meters long respectively.

In 2017, the terminal had managed about 6.400.000 passengers and 107.404 aircraft operations.

Former Terminal B or the Murphy Terminal had two concourses and finished its commercial operation on April 15, 2010. However, the terminal continued to host the Connecticut State Police offices and was used for the storage until early 2016 when the terminal was demolished completely. The new construction plan that is intended to destroy the existing arrivals and Murphy terminals, new Federal Inspection Services to be implemented on the territory of the airport, construction of the 7-level parking area, as well as the construction of the new terminal with about 19 gates.

The existing Terminal A has two concourses. The East Concourse that covers Gates 1-12 manages a flight of Air Canada, Delta Connection, Aer Lingus, JetBlue, and Southwest. In the meantime, the West Concourse that covers Gates 20-30 leads flights of American, Spirit, OneJet, and United.

On the third floor of the Terminal A the Connecticut Airport Authority offices are located.