ReadyStations are available on the territory of the terminal; there are only two of those reverse-ATM machines there. Those machines convert the cash from the credit card to the credits that will be transferred to the prepaid readyCard, that are Visa or MasterCard branded. The ReadyStations are located near the doors #1 and #3. The machine can convert for up to $1000 for a $5-dollar fee.

Nursing Rooms are located after the security checkpoint near the CNBC store (press). Those rooms will provide comfort to those traveling with children to both parents and kids.

The TSA Precheck service is available at the airport and allows the passenger to go through the security check easier and makes it less time-consuming. However, to acquire the service, the 5-year membership shall be purchased for $85.

The TSA Screening service allows passengers for a $14-fee to send the prohibited items back to any address provided within the United States. The delivery might take from 7 to 10 days.