Travel city map of Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Windsor Locks is a quite small city with the overall population of 12.498 people and an area of approximately 24.3 square kilometers.

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) has highlighted following historical sites located on the territory of the city.

The Dave Pinney House and Barn located on 58 West Street is quite untypical for the New England's architecture due to the breaks used as a construction material. The barn was built in 1852 and was the center of agriculture in the city until the canals were opened. The barn was used as a farm mainly until the 20th century when it was given for the public use of the town. Nowadays, the building hosts the museum that shows the history of the area and its heritage. David Pinney is not a well-known person in the city, but it was found out that he was one of the husbandmen of the Windsor Locks. The approximate area covered by the Dave Pinney House and Barn is 2.112 square feet or 643.7 square meters.

The Enfield Falls Canal located across the Connecticut River to Thompsonville was initially built to surround the shallows at Enfield Falls on the Connecticut River. The city itself was named after the series of locks situated on the canal. The canal is 8.45 kilometers long and is located along the west side of the Connecticut River. The Enfield Falls is, however, closed for the public and is privately owned by the Ahlstrom Corporation. The canal is usually opened at the period from 1st of April until 15th of November, however, its Southern end might be closed due to the bald eagle residence.

The Memorial Hall located at the intersection of South Aim and Elm streets was constructed in 1890 to honor the American Civil War soldiers. Nowadays, it is mostly used for the veteran's organization meetings and gatherings. The building is also an excellent example of the Romanesque architectural style.

The Windsor Locks Passenger Station located on the main street of the city is the National Railroad Passenger Corporation or Amtrak train station that is located in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The station is the part of the New Haven-Springfield Line; the new Hartford Line commuter rail service also stops there. The station operates rides between Connecticut, Springfield, and Massachusetts. It was initially constructed in 1875 and rebuilt in 1981. However, the station was closed by Penn Central Transportation Co. in 1971; therefore, it had started its operation again in 1981 when the station was bought by Amtrak company.

Hartford County, in turn, is located in the north central corner of the country. That is the second-largest county in the Connecticut State with the population of over 123.243 people.

The city is named after a set of canal locks that opened in 1829. Windsor Locks is located to the south of the most significant falls in Connecticut River; the Enfield Falls that circles the Enfield Falls and its nearby shallows.

The total area of the city is 24.3 square kilometers, 23.4 square kilometers of which are covered by land and only 0.9 square kilometers by water.

In the past, the city was home to the Dexter Corporation, the oldest company on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1952, the Hamilton Standard opened its factory in Windsor Locks.

The educational centers of the city are North Street School, the South Elementary School, the Windsor Locks Elementary School, the Windsor Locks High School, the Pine Meadow Academy, and the RISE Transition Academy.

Among historical places of the city, the one may find the Dave Pinney House and Barn, the Enfield Falls Canal, the Memorial Hall, the Windsor Locks Passenger Station. Two of the most well-known and vital places in the city is the New England Air Museum and the Bradley International Airport.

Windsor Locks Map